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Wordpress Design and Development

WordPress Design
and Development

Offering full WordPress development and design services, Think WordPress Digital are WordPress theme developers with a difference; we understand that each theme should be completely unique to its user.

Wordpress Maintenance and Support

WordPress Maintenance
and Support

We’re not here to design a site and then run; we also offer full WordPress support and maintenance. We’ll be here if you have trouble with any aspect of your site, and any time you need changes made.

Custom WordPress Themes and Plug-ins

Custom WordPress Themes
and Plug-ins

WordPress theme development is all about personalisation. We understand that you don’t want your site to look the same as the 74 million others, We’ll only begin once we know exactly what you’re looking for.

Migrating a Website into WordPress

Migrating a Website
into WordPress

If you already have a website, but you’re looking for the ease of management that comes with the WordPress dashboard, we’ll be happy to convert HTML to WordPress for you. We also perform PSD to WordPress conversions.

Wordpress Installation


The task of installing WordPress on your server can seem like a daunting one (the WordPress codex is full of some confusing jargon); and that’s why we’re here to do it for you. We offer full WordPress installation as well as WordPress help, and will be there to support you even after installation is complete.

Payment Integration & E-commerce

Payment Integration
& E-commerce

Most of our customers are small UK businesses, and that’s why we offer payment and e-commerce integration along with our WordPress development services.

Social Network Integration

Social Network

You may have noticed that almost every website these days comes with several share buttons. That’s because social network integration is today a vital part of any internet marketing strategy. Because we don’t want any of our customers to get left behind, we offer full social network integration as part of our designs.

Mobile Compatible Websites

Mobile Compatible

You may have heard the term ‘responsive web design’ floating around Internet circles. This is the process of making websites compatible for every device, from the very smallest mobile phone, to the largest HDTV. We offer fully mobile compatible websites, to ensure that every reader is able to view your site properly.

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