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Founded in 2007 as part of The House Media team and based in London, Think WordPress Digital is a small team of four who came together with the intention of taking the uniformity out of WordPress website design.

We had watched the popularity of WordPress grow from its humble origins back in 2003, and realised that bloggers and small business owners the world over loved the convenience and ease of use that WordPress represented. And why wouldn’t they? The invention of the WordPress theme meant that building a website was as easy as entering words into a template; no more hours spent labouring over code, or having to pay for an expensive design that required complicated maintenance.

However, with most themes being designed in a general, blog, magazine or e-commerce style, we also saw that many websites were losing their individuality. To give you a taste of just how many identical websites there are out there; there are currently 5,685,116 of them out there using the most popular WordPress.com theme, Twenty Ten, and 4,294,217 using the second most popular theme, Kubrick.

Even premium themes will undoubtedly have many hundreds of users; that’s many hundreds of websites identical to your own. Faced with this situation, we realised that there was a need for highly unique and personalised website designs that could nevertheless be managed with the simple and intuitive WordPress dashboard system.

To this end, Think WordPress Digital offers a full WordPress design and development service, including maintenance and support, payment integration and e-commerce, social network integration. That’s everything you could ever need to start up and run a WordPress-based website that really takes a bite out of the competition.

Unlike many other WordPress website designers out there, Think WordPress Digital has no signature style. Unless you count beautifully balanced layouts, ease of use and complete personalisation a signature style in itself.

That’s because we recognise that each site has to be uniquely designed to fit its specific purpose, and that everyone has a unique vision in mind for their site. We’re not here to impose our vision onto yours; we’re here to help you discover exactly what you want from your site.

And if you’re not quite sure what you need from your site, don’t worry. We’ll be happy to discuss it with you over a beer or two.

Time for something a little different?